Charleston, SC

In December 2019, I had the opportunity to travel with my dad on a work trip of his. I spent my days walking around Charleston on foot. These were the results!

Before I travel, I tend to use TripAdvisor’s list feature to begin compiling the different places I want to visit. I will also use Google Maps to make a similar list; however, this list will be used to help me map out what I will see where and when I will see it. TripAdvisor typically helps me research the best places to eat or get a delicious cup of coffee! Following photographers on Instagram provides me with photo opportunities in new cities, but they do not always recommend places for food too! And we all know part of the fun in traveling is trying unique cuisine. I know this is showing the structured nature of how I conduct life but when life is busy, I do not want to forget the little nook-and-cranny places I hear about and want to visit on upcoming trips!

Anyway! Being a photographer, most of my lists begin with monuments or main attractions for the area. For example, one of the places I wanted to see the most in Charleston was the Angel Oak Tree. If you skipped ahead to the pictures, you will notice there is not a picture included. I actually was not able to see the tree during this visit. It is much further outside of downtown Charleston than I realized! So, it has stayed on my list. I am determined to go back and see the Angel Oak Tree!!! Once I got to the city, I let my buried, adventurous spirit take over. I walked on foot, in the rain to go almost everywhere! I took lots of showers that weekend, but it was refreshing to be one of the only people on the old cobblestone streets of Charleston.

Food to Try

As I mentioned before, I did not have personal recommendations for food in Charleston. My parents, who were in the city a couple of years before, did try a few restaurants. One of them, called Slightly North of Broad, is known for their shrimp and grits. We ordered a charcuterie board as an appetizer. It came with a combination of traditional and Charlestonian features, such as pickled veggies, country páte, and chicken liver mousse. If you know my family personally, you already know this deviated from our typical flavor palate but Dad and I were happily surprised! We also dined at Amen Street Fish & Raw Bar. We were able to split Lowcountry plate. I can not remember what the fish of the day was, but it came set on a bed of pimento cheese grits and fresh green beans. Haricot vests, sweet corn and green tomato chow chow, drizzled in grilled shrimp gravy, rest atop the fish. Finally, the Griffon, a pub in downtown, had the best fish and chips I have ever had. This pub was a quiet, quick lunch stop when it was raining the hardest.

  • Amen Street Fish & Raw Bar
  • The Griffon
  • Belgian Gelato
  • Slightly North of Broad

Places I Saw

I placed a list below of the places I saw; however, it is not comprehensive. One of the draws of Charleston is that beauty and history is everywhere. Walking allowed me to see buildings and monuments that I would not have lingered on if I had been in a car. It did prevent me from seeing places like the Angel Oak and plantations. Simply by walking and using the hotel’s free shuttle, I was able to only spend only a small amount on transportation (plane ticket and a short Uber ride to lunch when it started pouring rain on me). I will not write about the places I saw, but let the images speak for themselves!

  • Free
    • The Battery
    • Rainbow Row
    • The Citadel
    • Historic Charleston City Market
    • Palmetto Carriage Works
  • Paid for entry
    • Old Slave Mart Museum
    • All the plantations I researched had a fee; however, I did not visit any of them.

My dad, who works for FamilyLife, was in Charleston to lead a marriage retreat event called Weekend to Remember. If you are interested, look it up! They have 93 retreat opportunities throughout the year and across the United States! I did choose to spend some of my time in the hotel attending the various sessions for the retreat. As a graduate counseling student and as a Christian, it is an excellent option for improving the health of your marriage, no matter what stage or condition it is in!